Pic: SunflowerThe Swimming Pool


  The pool is one of the places most enjoyed by all, and on those long hot summer days you will more than likely spend quite some time lazing around and enjoying the view.

The pool is 10.2 x 4.5m in size with the deepest end being 2.3m. It has been constructed with the family in mind and 40% of the length is designed so that adults can stand up and were necessary help their children swim or just be comfortable for lounging around or playing water games. This does not hinder adult swimming and the pool can be swum from end to end.  




The pool is enclosed by a tasteful barrier and is entered by a foot wash and solar heated shower, which all guests are asked to use for every ones benefit.

We also have installed twin filtrations systems to ensure a continuous filtration.  The water system has been installed by one of the worlds leading water specialists, as we wish you to enjoy the pleasure of the pool.



Sensible rules are in place for your safety and pleasure. However please note that swimming pools can be harmful if attention is not paid as to how you use them. 

Use of our pool is strictly at your own consequences and all children must be surveyed at all times by an adult.

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