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Discover Provence from a Professional photographer's

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Creative's at La Colle 

One week fully inclusive* Photo Safari. 

Landscape photo workshops and photographic holiday based in Provence, France

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Not only the great painters love Provence and it's light but also, famous writers, photographers, film directors and just about anyone that is involved with the creative scene.

For the photographer, Provence brims with photo ops. The same light that fascinated the grand masters also offers a unique opportunity to capture the intense and sometimes subtle colours that stirred the imaginative juices of these creators.

Yet it can take weeks and years of re-visits to find the magic spots in Provence. Those jewels in hidden corners!

Now after more than 20 years of visiting and living in Provence, Rod Cook offers ways in which photographers can benefit from the vast beauty of this area.

Here are three ways.

  • One week fully organised Provence Photo Safaris. For these carry on reading these pages.
  • Independent short tours linked with accommodation, known as Provence Photo Tours: see here).
  • Weekend Provence Photo Tours (Friday-Sunday eve): see here

In just one day you can be taken to so many photo opportunities that you will be surprised by the choice and depth of subjects. Imagine now a weeks worth of these days.

The photo safaris are based at Rod's  private estate in Provence and offer an unequalled combination of history, full landscape and intensive colour shots.

Rod's place, just north of Aix en Provence, is just amazing and is a photo op just by itself. He came to the area in the mid 80's and loves it so much has just not stopped coming back.

The Safaris are open to photographers of all levels and you can come with friends or partners who do not have to be involved or might even like to just relax at Rod's estate.

    A few words from Rod

It's amazing, I've shot all over the world, been to the out-back of Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Europe, Russia and countless other places but I always return to Provence. 

Provence which is usually only associated with lavender and sun-flowers has a fantastic array of periods where it shows off the changing moments and I have decided to share my little secrets with you.

The beauty of Autumn and the explosion of colours in the Spring and the changing scenes of early summer are just three dynamic periods  to photograph. 

For the landscape and scenic photographer these periods in the year are just great, and the weather and light can be fabulous without the haze of deep summer. There is however many detail shots that can be taken as well. 

Of course, the weather and conditions can turn on you, but a good photographer knows how to turn this to their advantage and even then this is only rare as the area has fabulous light conditions.

Each shot and shooting area has been evaluated by professional photographers as well as a travel and landscape photographer and we know that you will also bring your keen eye to the scene as well.

The photo tours set off from my place in Haute Provence. Lots of people associate Provence with just the coast (actually that is called "The Côte d’Azur"), Provence is a massive landmass and Haut Provence being less well-known presents a hidden jewel. 

Peter Mayle, the author, made a fantastic success of his books starting with "A Year in Provence" based on  his experiences in the area and he wrote them just 30 mins to the West of my place. The real hidden photographic gems are in the East.

The French have kept  this area a tight secret. You will find it a very French experience and in many respects untouched and unexploited by the tourist machine. 

I am very pleased to be associated with this project and look forward to sharing my experiences and magic moments with you.

Rod Cook

The award-winning and staggeringly beautiful La Colle site has been chosen as the base of operations for the photo tours.

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